Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Inmarsat fleetbroadband

Inmarsat FleetBroadband For Government

Inmarsat fleetbroadband
Inmarsat fleetbroadband

Inmarsat Fleetbroadband Inmarsat’s maritime satellite connectivity is relied upon by governments around the world for operational communications and safety services at sea. With thousands of vessels choosing Inmarsat for global, secure, simultaneous broadband data and voice solutions, we connect ship-to-shore regardless of position or conditions at sea. 

Inmarsat FleetBroadband is our flagship seamless voice and broadband data service that provides cost-effective operational and crew communications, real-time weather updates, port information, email and internet access, and video conferencing.

Maritime crews must be ready to deploy to any blue or brown waters anywhere on the globe at a moment’s notice. To conduct their missions, they depend upon satellite availability and consistent satellite performance that is unaffected by weather or geographic changes. FleetBroadband provides naval crews with access to voice, data and video services allowing them to seamlessly communicate for C4ISR purposes at any longitude or latitude. 

Navies, coastguards and scientific research fleets around the world trust FleetBroadband to deliver communication certainty. Thanks to our 99.9 % network and service reliability, its performance can be depended upon whatever the vessel’s position or the conditions at sea.

Our maritime heritage

Inmarsat was borne out of the International Maritime Organization’s mandate to protect lives at sea. Since our very beginnings in 1979 safety has been at the heart of all we do. We continually strive to improve our at-sea communications and safety services and FleetBroadband is no exception. 

  • Mobility
    With FleetBroadband, users are assured of uninterrupted, worldwide coverage – no matter which body of water they’re navigating. 
  • Reliability
    Through FleetBroadband, users can take advantage of a completely reliable ‘push button’ satellite service for all voice, data and video communications. We provide the most robust communication links, with 99.9% network availability. FleetBroadband terminals are designed specifically for use within the marine environment and are rigorously tested to our exacting standards. 
  • Trust
    Inmarsat has long and trusted relationships with governments across the world and over 40 years of experience in delivering mission-critical mobile satellite communication services. With 99.9% reliability, we are trusted to deliver communications certainty for government maritime operations.
  • Superior Performance
    FleetBroadband enables situational awareness and command and control to the lowest tactical levels. It allows for high-speed IP connectivity while still supporting core voice and integrated services for digital network (ISDNs) data capability and provides constant, simultaneous cost-effective access to voice and high-speed data, on a global basis. 
  • Simultaneous Voice and Data
    In addition to constant real-time weather and electronic chart display and information system updates, FleetBroadband supports complex applications with confidence. Its simultaneous voice and data capability means that operational systems can run online and users can still access emails and Intranet, and make voice calls – all via a single terminal. 
  • Wide range of easy-to-use terminals
    FleetBroadband is accessible through a wide range of terminals. Regardless of the type or size of vessel, we offer a compact solution to suit your requirements for optimal connectivity – no matter what your position or what sea conditions surround you.
  • Cost-effective
    FleetBroadband’s high performance and flexibility is the affordable option for seafaring missions. Terminal costs are low and we provide a variety of airtime pricing package options to match the service experience precisely to operational needs.
  • Flexibility
    FleetBroadband supports the latest IP services, as well as circuit-switched voice and data for existing legacy applications. Government users can choose between a standard, contended IP service and guaranteed data rate on demand – with the ability to select the rate according to their application. 
  • Assured Access
    Through Assured Access, users receive a guaranteed data rate within a defined geographic region that can be shared with more than one terminal. Our Assured Access lease arrangement gives a predefined group of mobile users or SIMs priority access and a guaranteed connectivity to the FleetBroadband service and network resources for a known price and on an uncontended access plan. In addition, Assured Access provides a highly reliable secure communications link to support a range of applications at sea.
  • End-to-end Solution
    FleetBroadband is built on our unrivalled, global satellite and terrestrial infrastructure. Together with our skilled partners, we instill government users with total confidence that their communications will work at the exact moment needed, anywhere, every time.

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