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Dubai is changing swiftly. With advanced new technologies Thuraya M2M, a constantly expanding oil industry, and a growing and complex economy, communication has become more important than ever. Thuraya IoT/M2M offers a major avenue for innovation and economic growth, and has the potential to address many of region’s challenges. Through these technologies, businesses are able to stay connected, regardless of where they are.

In line with the Smart Dubai Plan 2021, the emirate would be ready for mass IoT adoption by 2020.

Getting connected with Thuraya M2M Dubai 

Though Dubai still has an extremely robust oil and gas industry, diversification of the economy is incredibly important for long-term stability. Within the UAE, many are now looking to Dubai for ways to grow and expand without a reliance on the oil industry. Consequently, Dubai has been growing in areas of commerce, tourism, and more. These types of expansion absolutely demand the best available technologies, and it’s important for the groundwork for these technologies to be laid well in advance of expansion.

From oil fields to new construction projects, there are many areas of Dubai that are remote and still in development. Relying on traditional cellular signals isn’t feasible in these locations, as they don’t have coverage available. M2M can provide coverage to even the most remote of locations, ensuring the productivity and safety of these new developments. M2M includes communications technologies such as satellite phones, which rely on a broad network of satellites to deliver cellular data and internet data from anywhere in the world.

M2M for Dubai oil & gas

With lower oil prices being the new norm, enterprises in Dubai are adopting smarter, end-to-end M2M solutions for efficient operations, without jeopardizing their profit margins. This trend is bound to grow as the industry becomes even more competitive.  Oil corporations are already altering their drilling strategies after comparing real-time down-hole drilling data with data from production of nearby wells. The advanced analytics are effected by intelligent M2M tools. According to Bain & Company, this level of visibility can help companies improve production by 6% to 8%.

Thuraya M2M automates monitoring and data readings of compressors, tank liquids, LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) meters, PIGs (Pipeline Inspection Gauges) as well as rectifiers deployed for cathodic protection.

M2M and cold chain telematics in Dubai

It is estimated that nearly 3.27 million tons of food, worth more than US $3.54 billion produced and imported in the UAE is wasted every year. The vast majority of food wastage happens before it even reaches the consumer.  In the past, there was very little consistent cold chain integrity. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the efficiency of long distance food, pharmaceutical, and other perishable supply chains in the region.

According to recent studies, between 20 – 30% of the trucks and delivery wagons supplying food stuff in the UAE need to be equipped with the telematics technology as real-time information is key to managing F&B fleets efficiently. Rather than merely consisting of freezers and freight trains, the newer, temperature-controlled, ‘cold’ supply chain is now increasingly incorporating digital software solutions, secure cloud technology, and open architecture. 

In areas outside regular telecom networks, Thuraya’s IoT/M2M technologies are the prime enablers of efficient cold chain supply and management.  

Civil defense and M2M technology

When it comes to civil defense, the government and the public need to be connected. Yet as people continue to spread out to remote areas this can be difficult. If the telecommunications lines are down, it can potentially endanger important emergency communications. The political landscape is changing as quickly as the economic one, and many countries are now facing new challenges related to securing their cities and their borders. From external attacks to environmental disasters, it’s important for civil defense that every country be able to swiftly mobilize and alert its citizens.

Thuraya M2M helps government agencies connect with citizens regardless of the types of emergencies that are occurring. 98% of all buildings in Dubai, residential and commercial – old and new – are now linked to the central operation rooms of civil defence authorities as part of the Ministry of Interior’s ‘Hassantuk’ project. Using state of the art M2M technology, remote-communication technologies such as GPS and GPRS, every building and asset within Dubai, both government and privately-owned are monitored in real time for fire, lift and emergency alarms.  

In urban settlements, satellite M2M provides secondary backup to GSM for 24X7 surveillance. However, where there is little terrestrial telecom coverage – such as desert and mountain outposts – Thuraya’s M2M solutions take the center stage.

M2M for better corporate profits

Companies coming to Dubai want to have their profits secured. Better technology and better communication are more attractive to investors long-term, bringing money into the economy and aiding further expansion. M2M Dubai doesn’t just improve upon the telecommunications resources open for a company; it can also directly improve their bottom line. M2M devices can be used for sensor equipment in the oil and gas industry, security solutions, and safety processes, reducing potential risks. ​

Thuraya Satellite IoT/M2M

Satellite phones and telecommunications aren’t the only M2M technologies; data can also be transmitted, paving the way for network connectivity in areas that were previously unable to be developed. Developing out these more remote regions will not only lead to improved commerce, but it will also eventually lead to additional livable areas where the population centers can expand and new amenities, such as shopping and entertainment venues, can be built.

If Dubai is to continue to thrive, it must continue to grow. The shifting global economy requires that companies do everything that they can to acquire better technology and further their accessibility. M2M technologies are able to provide better solutions overall, from innovation to security.

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