Thuraya X5-Touch

thuraya x5-touch

An Android-powered satellite phone, the Thuraya X5-Touch provides exceptional out-of-the-box features with remarkable connectivity. Thuraya’s X5-Touch bridges the gap between traditional, rugged satellite phones and modern smartphone technology, offering both advanced smart functions and reliable, consistent connectivity wherever you are. In fact, it is the world’s first Android-based satellite touch phone. 

The Advantages of the Thuraya X5-Touch

In the world of satcom technology, Thuraya was the first company to tap into the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach also known as Bring Your Own Technology. Powered by Android Nougat, the X5-Touch makes it possible to bring your own apps anywhere. Commonly used apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search, and the Google Play Store come preinstalled for convenience, and 3rd party applications can easily be installed as needed. In addition to these smart features, however, the X5-Touch has a rugged, travel-ready build.

A 5.2″ Gorilla glass touchscreen, water protection, dust protection, and shock, vibration, and temperature resistance all work to make the X5-Touch one of the most durable smartphones available. In fact, the Thuraya X5-Touch Android satellite phone is the most durable phone in its class, with IP67 standard and MIL 810 G/F compliance.

A powerful battery, dedicated SOS button, and advanced navigation solutions further enhance the X5-Touch’s abilities as a travel-friendly phone. The X5-Touch can be used for everything from oil field contract work to recreational travel, providing always on connectivity through Thuraya’s wide satellite coverage. The X5-Touch can connect through satellite, WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC.

Use Cases for the Thuraya X5-Touch Android Satellite Phone

1. Business sector. Give employees access to consistent, high quality international calling without asking them to give up their apps.

2. Oil and energy sector. Employees and contractors will be able to communicate via satellite in rural locations or at sea on oil rigs.

3. Defense and security sector. Defense and security users can use the X5-Touch to remain in contact in any type of deployment.

4. Recreational sector. Those who are frequent travelers can use the X5-Touch as a primary phone, to connect with family and friends wherever they are.

5. Media and news sector. Media professionals often need to report in from international locations; the X5-Touch makes this posisble.

6. Disaster and emergency sector. Relief employees can use the X5-Touch to connect and coordinate in many countries throughout the world.

Accessories for the Thuraya X5-Touch

Thuraya provides a number of useful technologies for the X5-Touch, which can be used to extend the features, reliability, and usability of the product.

1. Solar chargers. Perfect for travel, solar chargers provide additional battery power even in areas without electricity.

2. Travel chargers. With exchangeable plugs, the X5-Touch travel charger can be used virtually anywhere in the world.

3. Car chargers. Charge while on the go with the Thuraya X5-Touch car charger, designed to work in a car lighter socket.

4. Spare battery. Rather than wasting time charging, you can pop in a spare battery — a rare feature for smartphones.

5. Indoor repeaters. For better connectivity, indoor repeaters can be used to boost a weak signal.

6. External satellite antenna. Antenna can be used to improve satellite reception while moving, such as in a car.

Ultimately, the X5-Touch offers the best of both worlds when it comes to smartphones and traditional satellite phones. The Thuraya X5-Touch provides all of the smartphone features you could need in a rugged, travel-ready device.

On the smartphone side, you get a powerful camera, apps and touchscreen. In addition to this, you get reliable, secure satellite communications. If you’re interested in the Thuraya X5-Touch, Please visit our shop.

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